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Tilskud til renovering


I Denmark there are approximately 355,000 preservation homes, which are designated by the county councils, because they tell you about a construction, architecture or cultural history in the local area, which you want to preserve. It also means that a lot of homeowners today live in a preserved house, where there are more demands for a renovation.

Everything from the facade and chimney to the windows and windows must be refurbished with focus on original constructions and details, and the building materials must also be carefully selected. Det kan ofte resultere i en større udgift end normalt:

Mange af de bevaringsværdige huse er placeret i landets ældre byer og er opført helt tilbage i 1800-tallet, where you used other craft techniques than you do today. The new ones must be produced after the original craftsmanship and at the same time live up to today's intensified energy requirements. It requires specially manufactured windows, which are more expensive than the more traditional wood windows. Similarly, it is also applicable to other building materials that have to be specially manufactured, such  as doors and windows for this purpose, and thus for a long time we have advised Danish homeowners in the renovation of older and conservative houses.

In many cases, however, it is possible for homeowners to receive subsidies for renovation from the municipality. Renoveringen has not only significance for the individual homeowner, but also for the street scene and the idyllic expression that the older houses can give. In this way, the municipality thus also helps to protect the Danish building culture.


Tilskud til husets ydre

For at få tilskud fra kommunen skal huset opfylde en række krav. Among other things, it must be the exterior of the house - also called roof and roof - to be renovated, while it must be built before 1950, be significantly worn and usually have a conservation value in classes 1-4:

-Flere af landets kommuner has building improvement committees which provide funding for the renovation of homes if the preservation value is at the high end of the scale, which runs from 1-9. The assessment is based on an overall impression of the quality and state of the building, where the architectural and cultural historical value often weighs heavily.

Her man can get up to one third of the total cost of refurbishment, and the amount is typically limited to a smaller fixed amount. Hund varierer kommunernes beløbsramme meget, og derfor er det altid en god ide at indhente hos sin kommune om de specifikke krav og tilskudsmuligheder.

Udover landets kommuner kan udpege bevaringsværdige bygninger med kommuneatlas og lokalplaner, Kulturstyrelsen kan også udpege dem. It takes place on the board's own initiative or after recommendation from the Special Buildingsyn, which is an advisory committee in building construction and storage. Det er dog kommunerne, der står for tilskudsordningen.



Fredede bygninger
Ud af de i alt 355.000 bevaringsværdige bygninger

er ca. 9.000 af dem fredede. Mens bevaringsvärdige bygninger have local or regional value, so have protected buildings of particular architectural or cultural-historical qualities with national significance. A preservation is also valid throughout the building, as in the interior, while a designation as conservative only applies to the exterior of the building. Her there are also various support options, among other things, from the Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen and private funds.

Læs om muligheder for tilskud til renovering af bevaringsværdige huse her!